Pádraig Spillane’s practice explores the construction of appearances through the manipulation of photographic and appropriated surfaces. Stagings of surrogates and alternates draw anthropomorphic resonances with constructive and dissipating tendencies. Working with photography, sculpture, collage and décollage, works examine the body, desire, and sensation.

Exhibitions include: Shills, 126 Gallery, Galway, (2016);This is not my voice speaking, CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, (2015); Magic Touch, CCA Derry - Londonderry, Northern Ireland, (2014); Mammouth, Treignac Projet, France, (2014); Fortnightly Features Presents, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, (2014); Periodical Review #3, Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin, Ireland, (2013); Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography, Belfast Photo Festival, Northern Ireland, (2013); OUTBOX, Cork, Ireland, (2012).

Contact: padraigspillane@gmail.com